It’s Emotional Wellness Month

I thought it was important to remind those who are working from home to look after their own mental wellbeing and how essential it is to strive for a good work/life balance!

Although I’m not a healthcare professional, I would like to share some tips which I have found of benefit whilst working from home, to keep productive and know when to switch off!


It’s Good to Have a Routine

It helps you to get up in the morning and set a good start time for your work, ensuring that you are prepared for the day ahead. Some people start their day with a run or have a shower, my personal favourite is a cup of tea (biodegradable teabags, of course!), which boosts my energy and gets me raring to go!

Short Breaks!

Furthermore, it’s so important to take a short 5-minute break every so often. It allows you to clear your mind and come back feeling refreshed and ready to re-evaluate the tasks that need prioritising.

Not taking breaks coincides with negative effects such as decision fatigue, lack of focus, as well as damaged eyes from constant screen-staring. Therefore, take a break, refuel and restore your motivation and creativity!


End Your Working Day

At the end of a working day, make sure you switch off all your work-related devices and take a step back from your computer. Go and relax in a different room than the one you’ve been working in all day – this separation is vital in ensuring you’ve fully “switched off” for the night.

My workstation used to be situated in my lounge and so I’d constantly be reminded of tasks that needed a little more work, or quickly hop-on to my computer once again to check any emails that flagged up. However, since turning one of my downstairs rooms into an office, I can now separate my workstation from my lounge and properly detach myself.

The Evenings Are Yours

Lastly, make use of your evenings by putting on your favourite boxset (Lucifer is a must!), sitting down to have dinner with the family or having a catch-up and giggles with your friends.

Remote working can feel so lonely and isolating, and so making time to connect with others is a really good way to help reduce anxiety and kick in those endorphins!

These 4 tips may seem obvious to some, but when life gets hectic and all-consuming, it can be so easy to forget and it’s good to be reminded every so often.