The Catch-22 Debacle…

Today’s blog is not only directed at Virtual Assistants and Online Business Managers, but also to the wider public too. Having personally seen just how hard it is for my son, who’s recently graduated from University, to find a job or gain any form of experience, I’d like to share some ways in which small or large businesses could potentially help those who are actively seeking work experience, yet finding it virtually impossible to succeed in their efforts!

With the sheer diversity of opportunities on offer, alongside the growing economy and increasing employment prospects, many individuals view young people today as being extremely lucky in having such a scope to choose from. However, this is far from the truth.  An emerging flaw has presented itself within the current job market, wherein School leavers and University Graduates alike, are finding it exhausting and almost impossible to find a job without previous experience within the field they are applying for. This seems to epitomise the classic catch-22 situation; in which one needs experience to get a job, and a job to get experience. This leaves today’s generation of young people systematically disadvantaged, hopelessly searching for work and dishearteningly receiving the same response each time – “You do not fit all the criteria due to no/little previous experience”.

Work experience matters. – This is where you can come in! If you are a business that can make space for a young individual to gain some crucial experience, then please look at the following ways in which you can massively help:


Enable Them to Build Their Network

Recommend contacts and introduce them to platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter, allowing them to connect with individuals and companies which yield a professional network that may come in handy for future career moves.  Helping to improve their online presence increases their employability prospects.

Offer Volunteering Positions

Give young people the opportunity to build their skillset within a business environment, use their initiative, gain confidence, and develop communication and organisational skills. This is an easy and effective way for them to gain transferable skills, whilst also gaining their youthful exuberance for your company.


Offer Internships and Apprenticeships

Help young people earn a wage whilst acquiring first-hand knowledge of a job or organisation, aiding their permanent employability prospects down the line.

Virtual Work Experience Schemes

Providing a unique opportunity for Graduates and Leavers in these perplexing and changing times to still gain invaluable experience and develop their online software skills.

This experience can be beneficial for both parties involved. It provides young people with the chance to use their acquired skills for future endeavours, whilst also benefitting businesses through young, eager individuals with a passion for learning and developing creative concepts and new ways of thinking. It can effectively cultivate critical business and leadership skills for those with no prior knowledge within a certain environment, which in return, can aid a business through helping to attract and retain great new talent that becomes the lifeblood of their business!

By setting up programs for School leavers and Graduates, it helps companies showcase themselves to their customers, who will see – and respect – a business’ efforts to improve the community. It can impact bottom line, increase a company’s visibility and boost their reputation; employees who’ve felt fulfilled and satisfied throughout their journey tending to show more devotion to their company and recommend their company to friends. – Further increasing productivity too!

I personally have been able to give a University Graduate some work experience by helping to structure and create content for my social media. It’s been great to get a different perspective and has also allowed them to gain some experience whilst still searching for a more permanent position.

So, please take a minute to have a think to whether your business could also help our younger generation with work experience programs – the benefits extend much further than you may think!